To whom should I buy my insurances?

Year 2020-Crucial and challenging in the insurance fiel

9 November,2020

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When different situations occur, like sicknesses, accidents or even the death of a loved person, we think in the benefits offered by an insurance. This particular year will remain in our memory as the more challenging year for humanity, and for all human beings. It began at the end of the year 2019, but it was until the beginning of 2020, that we started to hear in our daily life, the word “epidemy” and after “pandemia”, we also heard corona-virus and at the end “covid 19”. A lot of people didn’t understand the real importance that an insurance could represent, (medical or life with medical assistance) in the least waited moment.

Today, we are passing through the pandemia by the covid-19, which has affected millions of people, causing thousands of deaths in countries where the sickness has developed. In co-relation we must be more sensible in relation to have an insurance (medical expenses or life with medical assistance) and/or to have an economical savings to could face any problem which could be presented in the immediate or distant future. To have an insurance like this, is to think about your future and your beloved ones too.

At the business level, the considerations about an infectious disease which is considered as an “epidemy” or “pandemia”, are applied to different types of insurance such as, Liability, D&O, damage to property, credit insurance, worker´s compensation, business interruption, etc. Several of these policies could offer protection to the enterprises in case of claims, but the designation of “pandemia” is generally excluded in most of the contracts.

But, it is vital to take into account that the traditional coverage structures sometimes bring a limited coverage for the effects of the sickness events declared as “epidemies” or “pandemias” by the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) / O.M.S. (Organización Mundial de la Salud). The denomination of pandemia by the OMS is to know that the enterprises must be aware of the Covd-19 and to modify the way of planning, and the disposition to the way of repair, and answer.

The nowadays enterprises (a lot of them) have already taken actions and some have been forced to implement tele-working as much as they can, fractioning of the equipments by working hours or sites, to accommodate the distances because those measurements decrease contagions. Reflect for the future (on what must I focus this week, next month…? For which worst scenarios should I be prepared?. Fill your employees with information, because it is already demonstrated that this lack could increase anxiety and fear. Get regularly in touch with your employees about their emotional state (and that of their immediate family) to face the covid-19.

Let´s remember that at the end, the running of the covid-19 in the future must be centered on the sickness mitigation.

We have thought about each necessity, and in the Costa Rican market there are products which cover all the situations in front of a matter like the one we are facing today, not only for individual persons but also for the employees of our enterprise´s clients.

Don´t wait that an accident occurs to become worried, because in such a case it is better to prevent than to lament.


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